missing: canadian produce for my mother

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Should you see homeless, irradiated produce, in the area, someone misses it. I sympathize, remembering a similar instance of a thrice mislaid brisket in a winter downpour. High holy days, NYC. Fortunately, I got to stay nestled in bed watching the cinematic stylings of Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal in the ingenious disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow, while N donned a series of even more oversized overcoats and searched the streets in the pouring sleet, eventual success prevailed– for twice the price. It doesn’t escape me that N and Jake look not unalike, especially with all the extra overcoating. (See also: Greenhouse Effect, Eerie Convergence of Events/ Actor Lookalikes Unbeknownst, Dress your Family to Check Wunderground.com Before They Go A-Shopping.)