two friends. It’s the same party.”

San Francisco is both warmer and colder than I anticipated. A recent windfall of tragedies has left me staying with J’s friends in SF. She has flown back to Georgia for a few days and I’ll be on my (wicked) own here.

Things I have learned about SF: 1. Most of the plants are not native. The palm trees were imported mysteriously by people who wanted California to look “more like California” and the Eucalyptus were carried over by emigrating koalas (circa the War.)

2. Things that you didn’t think whole groups of people would actually do, they did do. Case in point: the plastic bag ordinance.

3. City Lights Books actually smells like testicle.

4. Boulder, Colorado’s town twin is not– despite Boulder’s most vociferous claims– SF but, rather, Santa Cruz. It’s gourmet-type organic, full of very tan white people who wear shorts and flip flops despite the fact that it’s 10 degrees too cold, populated half by wandering tourists and half by famblies, aging purple hippies, and college students. Santa Cruz is almost half as big and 7% more Latino. Wikithanks in order for the last “fact.”

5. J doesn’t know what a redwood looks like but is willing to take advantage of the fact that I don’t either if she thinks I might be impressed by her botanical knowledge/believing a tree is a redwood.

6. Talking about how celebrity-sponsored Katrina animal relief work is a fucked up use of resources is about as palate-cleansing and light-hearted as talking about the ethics of cigarette taxation.

7. In case of emergency, pick 4.5x the amount of strawberries you think you need.

8. On Fauna: Seals and Sea Lions are apparently two different animals. Seals are a lot cuter than you’d think and Sea Lions probably have rough skin. Gardner Snakes can appear if you wish hard enough. One of the largest great white shark breeding areas is just 30 miles west of SF.