True to form I received a letter “to the parents of [Femmephane]” from the J.Crew ad I call my school on the day after Thanksgiving:

Looking for the best Christmas gift for your graduating student? Want to get him something practical that he’ll really love? Want to get him something he’ll really need after he graduates?

Because it was coming from University himself and not, say, BalfourClassRings– I indulged. These are, after all, the same people who tell me when my classmates die tragically and when they’re retroactively hiking tuition.

What does he, the graduating Tufts student, need need need? A bigger cut of Southampton in the Will? A Hybrid with four-wheel drive for those ski trips when he just didn’t want to borrow the Benz? Perhaps some castration?

Anyhow. The answer: a $318 diploma frame from UniversityFrames.

Included in the envelope was an alarming little notecard, folded in half, which read “A note from mom…” in some gentle Baskerville italics. Inside was a heartwarming anecdote about just how grateful one mom’s daughter had been to be the first of her friends to receive her diploma frame. “It really meant something to her that she was the first person she knew to get one. She had it waiting for graduation day in December!” And I’m excited for her, too.

I also think it’s a nice touch to include “a note from mom…” in a letter addressed to “the parents of,” ensuring that the only students who receive the message are people who don’t have mothers to receive (let alone send) Baskerville Old seasons greetings.