Someone accused me of being busy and I want to elaborate.

This is my final semester and I am taking four (4) classes:

0. Tantra, 1. C++, 2. Literary Theory, and 3. Religion in Contemporary American Film.

The professors of the first three specified that their courses had a heavy work load. They informed us that we would spend (respectively: 10, 15, and 20) hours, weekly, on course work.

I am also producing one (1) Senior Honors Thesis, of indeterminate length, without the benefit of a thesis adviser! I am also producing one (1) Senior Women’s Studies Project, which will dutifully enjoy NO material overlap with my Senior Honors Thesis!

I am also revising two (2) stories for publication.

I will be accepting food, alcohol, and in-depth critiques of my work until May, 19th (5/19/08) on which date I will no longer be matriculating in the Jumbomain of University.