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2. Update Conversation?

3. Google wagers You Can Sleep Less!

4. Epicaricacy. I peeled back your misfortunes (as whole fingernails removed smoothly with a paring knife: orange and to the bed) and they tasted like honey.

5. The Moment: Boots with Room for Calves.

6. Maybe I was a lil too, um forward?

7. The famous MORMON masturbation factory of boys.

5. “In traumatic and war neuroses the human ego is defending itself from a danger which threatens it from without or which is embodied in a shape assumed by the ego itself. In the transference neuroses of peace the enemy from which the ego is defending itself is actually the libido, whose demands seem to it to be menacing. In both cases the ego is afraid of being damaged – in the latter case by the libido and in the former by external violence. It might, indeed, be said that in the case of the war neuroses, in contrast to the pure traumatic neuroses and in approximation to the transference neuroses, what is feared is nevertheless an internal enemy. The theoretical difficulties standing in the way of a unifying hypothesis of this kind do not seem insuperable: after all, we have a perfect right to describe repression, which lies at the basis of every neurosis, as a reaction to a trauma- as an elementary traumatic neurosis.”

-Freud on War Neuroses