1. (Recapped and commented up on) “If we were writers on a spaceship tv show, you would be the one who came up with the technology and I would be the one that gave the planets Greek and Roman names.”

2. [On another page?]

1. “Like, for example, you would be the one who invented the Holodeck and I would be the one who named the planets that you used the Holodeck to get to.”

2. “Uh… the Holodeck was already invented.”

3. “Wow.. This conversation went on much longer than I expected”


1. “No. Not that kind of straight-streak! I’m not sleeping with men, I’m sleeping with straight women.”

2. “Oh, that makes more sense.”

1. “There are a couple men I’d sleep with.”

2. “I would sleep with the Culkins.”

1. “Bill Clinton.”


1. “If you don’t stop using the the ‘google’ when you mean ‘search youtube,’ I’m going to start using ‘google’ to mean ‘to look for’ all the time.”

2. “What? Hey! Are you on youtube? Google that new Snoop Dogg song!”