-28. Somehow I think I failed to express my great sororal feelings in trackChanges. Red doesn’t suit me. But perhaps you’ll remember the bird below. A copy, perhaps. But ensconced in my covers nonetheless. (K)

-26. I should have remembered that my feet would start to hurt when the fever rose. I couldn’t get back to my bed alone. Thank you for coming to my rescue. My shrink will want to know as I often start sex stories with summaries of my feet. There Gone Bare Purpled. (O)

-24. I was thinking about you both in my bedroom at night. The elves and the shoemaker. (C/K)

-14. Between our visits I get tighter and tighter. Why. I Don’t Know. Well Please Figure It Out. My people, my only- dear- escape and I, Right? finish my thoughts with you. It’s always a surprise when I feel comfortable enough to take off my wet boots, put my bag out of reach, sit down as if I might not have to run. And for two whole, shuddering, hours I don’t. (T)

-8. We made Orphan promises and I meant mine in the most optimistic way. I do want you to have everything and was naive when you weren’t about the past and how to make the future. It’s not like I’m still looking for shoes small enough to fit you anymore. (NC)


innocent bird whistle

bird whistle. for best results, submerge.


my brother. redheaded and still unashamed of his grin. water-damaged.

my father, younger. his mother, left, with IV.

first generation. Coney Island