Abrupt isn’t as queer as you think it is. Did it feel good for you too, baby? I think you did it for me. By that I mean, I’m getting accustomed to it, it hardly surprises me anymore and I don’t know if my sedation belongs to a history of abrupt or a history of mellowing abrupt down around the edges until it’s a row of soft, white, neat packages to line up– hide: Pack: expel.

In middle school I was voted (euphemistically? ironically? by dint of hanging chad?): Most Talented.

I’ve refined it now and realize I haven’t changed at all (popularity! irony! fraud!):

I award myself Most Denotative Use of Anal.

On election day, a coincidence, I polled you about what mythic/fantastic creature you would be in order to compensate for an assignment. The answers rolled in.

Nora: mermaid (she defends: no shell bra! majestic centaur of the sea!)

Sam: windigo (at least someone cops to carnivorous desires if not to blatant carnivorous tendencies)

Ken: not a centaur, centaurs are played out. A ___? Instead.

Femmephane: a centaur (no shell bra!). Fallback: vampire (my motivations clarified– camp)

Galen: “A goat creature? No. A Kraken. The Kraken is really metal.”

J: Cyclops

( F: No! Please, not a cyclops! I wouldn’t be with you!

J: I would be a big monster. I would make you!

JimmyHank: You wouldn’t be able to catch her without depth perception.)

In honor of elections (in allegiance to OneCountry) I elect Jimmy Hank: Most Talented.

* From Johnson, Barbara. “Nothing Fails Like Success,” A World of Difference. p 15.