Rage has compounded itself into utter dejection. And so I have failed to blag what/when I should have. If only I could be like AJ, tireless in my tiredness. A fierce reporter of— lolcats, Dowd-antics, and injustice. Instead I have been beaten by it.

First, there is a white, Harvard man in my life who is currently making a film about how his friend group is “post-race.” The ten-minute film follows two black characters (one based entirely on the filmmaker) as they sleep together in the wake of the female-lead’s queerness. (She is/was queer and troublingly keeps leaving another dyke’s arms/bed to finish herself off with the lead.) Oh, right, did I fail to mention that the film is also supposed to about how his friend-group is post-queer? I have no idea why the filmmaker has cast himself as a black man. (Well, I mean, of course I do, but he hasn’t, like, justified it or anything.) Whatever. I’m so post-him.

And then at my own disaster of a University.

A few choice excerpts from class.

In a classroom conversation about the film The Apostle:

After several students egged each other on about how drunk, stupid, and lazy Southern people are, we finally made it to this Gem.

S. I just think this movie is outdated. I mean, it’s like 15 years old. Race doesn’t work like that anymore. I think we’ve moved beyond race. It’s more about class now.

Professor. Really? What do you mean by that, S? In what way?

S. [Confident in the flawless logic of her illustrative example] Well, has everyone seen Erin Brocovich ?

Students nod. Some express worried faces.

S. Well, that movie has a really beautiful, classy, movie star playing this totally trashy, white-trash, whorish character and the audience really likes her. That’s what I mean.

[World fails to implode. Betelgeuse does not expire, engulfing us all in darkness and death. Unfortunately]

A week passes.

In a classroom conversation about the film Malcolm X:

S. I’m not sure I really understand the Nation of Islam. Could you explain it to me using an example white people can understand.

Presentation-leader. Uh. Well…

S. I mean, would it be equivalent to, like, the KKK?