The purpose of our project. To link the word and idea of gentrification to something insidious and terrifying that looks like it might be able to turn the world into a drone-run planet (despite the incredible power of Will Smith.) That way, when you are about to make “easy” decisions about where to eat (eh hem, Bloc 11) or where to live or where to put your hipster-infant-clothing store, you will be bombarded not with guilt, empathy, or ethics.. but with terror of colonization and dominion.

The method: Pavlov, Youtube, Blag tip-offs.

Without further ado…..

we ask that you please VISUALIZE GENTRIFICATION

*if this works, I’ll be looking for suitably terrifying videos to pair with other malicious problems.

** for a more productive evaluation of the video, see lolAJ. but don’t keep linking between us. it’s gross.