“I used to be worse but my wife is a litigator so she makes me follow all the driving laws now.”

“Maybe J would be a better driver if I became a lawyer. Or an officer-of-the-law.”

“She also made me donate my body to science.”

“What? That’s disgusting. What if they use it to test cosmetics or something else lame like that. Donating your body is no good. It’s too general. You want to be sure about where it’s going.”

“Oh, I just thought it was kind of cool, I never thought about it going so some lame cause. That is a little weird.”

“Yeah, I’m donating my body to religion. I totally want people to channel a goddess through my dead body and then ritually eat my decaying flesh.”

“So you’re actually donating your body to Tantra then, not just ‘religion.'”

“Totally. Well, what would the Catholics do with it? Staple it to the church wall as a condemnation of homosexuality?”