I have just seen the new Indiana Jones one. Here are my ratings as a prose-poem-quiz


1) + or – 1 for the fear of snakes gag


2) + or – 1 for no rolling boulder of potential doom


3) I wondered how it would affect ladyfolx that Indiana’s love interest is his own age. Is this a feminist question? Yes or no?


4) Cate Blanchett– hot or not?


5) Shia LaBeouf: nice adolescent partial recognizability. Just enough to annoy in to a WhereDoIKnowHimFrom stare throughout the film. Answer: Disturbia, tv cameos, Freaks/Geeks


6) Are we just going to be killing characters in cinematic atomic action blasts from now- willy nilly?


7) Which of the following was portrayed MOST like a human:

       a ) Mayans

       b ) The People of Peru

       c ) misc Tribal People

       d ) Aliens

       e ) Soviets

       f ) mannequins in a fake American suburb