I’ll be departing for North Africa and Europe on Sunday at 10:30 pm from JFK. I have committed to update my othore blag but this one might have to lie fallow. We’ll see. If any of you have been then you should provide advice and recommendations.

Vague Itinerary:

JFK to Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain to Gibralter (UK) via bus through southern Spain

Gibralter to Algeciras

Algecira to Asilah, Morocco (via ferry across the Straight of Gibralter and then buses)

Then an eastward loop stopping in Meknes, Fes, Taza.

Back along the northern coast through Al Hoceima, Chechaouene and back out through Tangier.

The Homosexuality is illegal in Morocco but, perhaps, going to be less of a big deal as we are more-or-less women. Still. I might have a harder time than I expect remembering that making out in public is more than just inadvisable.

Then I’ll be heading up to Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain to Southern Portugal and that’s it. That’s all of the plans so far… The trip will end with six days in Lisbon and a train ride to depart from Madrid somewhere around the end of July.

If you find yourself full of helpful information for Morocco or some really promising but simple to use Portuguese and Spanish slang.. please let me know. Also if you’ve spent some/any time in a Muslim country— which I have not— then you should tell me some things. I will also be sending postcards and letters so you should communicate your contact information to me via reasonable means whenever you feel like it.