has incurred case of virulent indigestion spanning two weeks. There are worse days. This is a better day.

has ruled out ulcers and parasites.

has discovered when the suggestion of ulcers or parasites made the ache worse that the pain might be anxiety-related.

has been blag-lax but intends to improve and NEVER talk about blaglaxity again. Score.

has great appreciation for her friends and new clique.

has plans to incur allergy shots with new fancy Harvard HealthCare.

has nearly finished The Soul Thief, Charles Baxter’s newest: with mixed results. Has barely started The Female Complaint, Lauren Berlant’s latest: with great anticipation.

has embarked upon several essays: shipwrecks, lithops, continental tectonics, Desperate Housewives?

has realized there is a better chance she can go to Hogwarts than enlist in coveted writers workshop in LA but did enjoy livin’ the dream.

has no cord to charge ipod through usb or other means but plenty of chocolate.

has discovered the heat is just fine after all and that there’s no reason to bike faster than you can walk (low).

has aspirations about even liking grad school.

has mixed feelings and some remixed portuguese lessons on mp3.

has thought of divine yarn solution for apartment that will allow increased use of the word “cubby.”

has surprisingly less to say about “oil and/or vinegar” the longer she thinks.

has tattoo plans and piercing dreams andno need for a videographer for the job.

has a ride home from logan.

has some careworn heart, fragile parts, havoc.

has a countdown. Already.