This isn’t what I expected.

Rousseau explained:

One day at table, just as she had put a piece of food into her mouth, I exclaimed that I saw a hair on it. She put the morsel back on her plate; I eagerly seized and swallowed it.

And in a moment of lesbian character (why so many lesbian characters) Charles Baxter in his latest:

“Right And I want another girl,” she says, “to fly away with me. Not you. I can’t fly anywhere with you. With you, I’m grounded. Men are beasts of the ground.”

“Uh… you sure about that?”

“Absolutely. You’re all creatures of the mud. You can’t help it. I know this feels weird. That desire I’m supposed to have for you? I don’t have it. I sometimes wish it were there, but it isn’t.” She waits. “I sort of love you anyway, but a girl can’t go on doing charity work for a mud-beast forever.”

If only my problems were so simple. Instead the most evocative expression comes from the other room behind a slammed door where a five-year-old yells at the top of his lungs:

“Don’t pay attention to me!!!”

Godbless the little leo. Godbless the fire-words.

The OED tells me that the word of the day is “joined-up.” And I thought I knew what it meant but it turns out I didn’t. Brit. I’m told, referring to cursive lettering. With this to clarify.

Queer as Folk: Scripts Episode 7. 189 Stuart: (Grins) Lesbian letters. Can I read them? Lisa: I doubt it, it’s joined-up handwriting

Well that explains it.