To Friends: Phone off. Indef. Le disconnect. Come up with bettor ways to contact.

To Friends with Fangs and Fang-to-be-friends: How come so many of my friends are with-imminent-child? Someone Email me when Angela has infantFangchild or labors or kicks mother back to DE. Thx.

To Heath Ledger: Sorry I didn’t write earlier. I meant to write you an e-vigil or something but wondered if it might be crude. Then I saw BMan and realized I was mistaken. There is no such thing as too crude. So sorry. Nice move with all that haunting that your recent death did for that film. Also, nice work being involved with a movie that had at least seventeen consecutive plots. Most films try to run the plots at the same time but this was gutsy/long. I’m into that and appreciate it as a career-move. I especially appreciated the amped up/modified Prisoner’s Dilemma, Katie Holmes’ remarkable transformation into someone way hotter, and two to five of Morgan Freeman’s lines. *

To Jessica Benjamin (friend): Remember the time we saw Batzzzzzzzzzzzz.

*tactfully almost refraining from making no-regrets-about-type-casting jokes right now.