You make me feel like some old fashioned feminist art.

You make me feel like some old fashioned feminist art.

Lolaj is rarely breaking his blagmorotorium so I am just going to take a moment to grieve his absence by performing the Inverse of project. I’m sure his guest Ask-A-Lesbian columnist is getting really fucking tired of not being misquoted on the Internet. So I’ll just reproduce a question the Lesbian asked me.

On Monday I returned from the Lambda Literary Workshop in LA and while I was there she asked me how it was going. I was telling her about some femmephobia and some terrifying Beyonce elocution from white boys. About one in particular…

Les: i hope you tell him what’s up. are you telling everyone what’s up? or are you quietly biding your time and planning to blog about them mercilessly?

And I told her. And now I tell you. Both.

On the last night I got into a really inadvisable argument about class. Despite the fact that I come out the hero in the retelling, at the time it was just humiliating and horrible. So you’ll have to stay tooned for the actual recap and not just the preview of the recap once I’ve reeled and recovered a bit more.

Just consider this a primer and an homage. Oh. And a call for negotiations to end AJ’s writer’s strike.