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Dear Friends,
I am at work on a couple of projects about butch/femme right now and I’d like your help.  I am looking for writing from femme and butch identified people* who are somehow invested in a/the butch/femme dynamic. For the purpose of this small, focused project I am collecting people’s answers to the following questions:
1) In the context of butch/femme, what does femme get from butch? 
2) In the context of butch/femme, what does butch get from femme? 
These are not trick questions. You can take them where you will. Your answers might be about gender, sex, race, class, poverty, work, size, age, performance, home, grief, art, family— whatever. Really.  For right now I’d like to think of this as a kind of brainstorming or preparatory project. Before we start really thinking (and crafting/revising/editing/laboring), I want to hear where everyone is starting from and then, perhaps, we’ll have a better idea of where to go. I am hoping that these two guiding questions might help. I would ideally like you to answer each question separately with anywhere from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs. Also you can send me poetry, images, prose, fiction, nonfiction, lists. Whatever. You can write more and I would love to read it but for the purpose of this project know that if you write more then I might excerpt you more liberally.
How your writing will be used:
You may have already heard from me about the possibility of compiling a new volume on butch/femme. In part, I will be using these writings to figure out what that volume will look like. In the short term I will also be assembling your pieces into a creative and academic text about desire and identity.
Privacy, publicity, etc:
Right now I am looking for all kinds of stories and encourage you to write even if you don’t want anyone else to see what you’ve written. I will respect whatever confidentiality requests you make of me. You are welcome to send your response from an anonymous email account. If you do not do that then please specify if/how you want your name to be printed with your work. I know some of you have e-personas, pen names, and professional names so let me know which to use. If you send me the piece from your own email but don’t want anyone else to know who you are then I can do that, too. Just let me know. I will be turning in the final product for a class with Susan Stryker and I also plan to share the results with the co-compiler of the butch/femme volume.
If you want a copy of the finished product then let me know. If there are enough people who are interested, I would be happy to have a friend of mine print and bind them into pretty books. Then I can send them to you.
Please feel free to forward this to others who might like to contribute. I will be compiling submissions over the next couple of weeks and want everything in by Dec 15th. Email me with questions/comments/rants and I will confuse/answer/apologize-lashout as I see fit. 
Please email your writing to 
Thanks so much in advance!
*A note on identifications: For the purpose of this work I am looking specifically at what some people might (wrongly?) consider dyke relationships and trans/femme relationships and not for input from cisgendered men. I know that there are a myriad of ways in which people id as butch and femme and a myriad of ways in which those identifications correspond to identifications of male, female, ftf, ftm, mtf, trans, genderqueer, etc. But if you are someone invested in butch/femme relationships in some way then I want your feedback.