Excerpted from my own final paper. The following:

I understand the structural similarities of her work with the logic in the Buddhist theology and I do appreciate the deconstructive approach to referentiality as one integral to Buddhist philosophy. But, I still have serious reservations. I am not totally certain whether Professor Gyatso meant it in earnest when she said she wanted to shake Judith Butler and tell her she is a Buddhist*….

*I am questioning whether Professor Gyatso actually thinks Judith Butler’s work is Buddhist and not whether or not she should be shaking eminent members of the intellectual community. Judith Butler’s hair is floppy enough that I think it would delight bystanders to no end to see her shaken by Professor Gyatso. In summary, I would say that I am pro-shake and anti-Judith-is-a-Buddhist and apparently completely resistant to the plea to end long, unnecessary footnotes.