I smell like half a dozen people– the 5 train, Hermes D’Orange Vert, jasmine, a week of sweat in Clinton Hill. Two men (separately) asked to buy me coffee on the way to China Town. On the bus I ate string cheese and texted my brother as we watched the same shows.

Thank god for Ms. EM and my Ladywife who diligently came home every night after work, tolerated me for a full futon week, let me borrow the duck mug, accompanied me to the cafe and the ATM, and split entrees so I’d never have to decide. We lit four nights of Chanukah candles together and thought we were sounding remarkably well until we realized it was because we were all tone deaf.

I didn’t get to play any Scrabble but my PhD applications are in.

I keep turning quickly to the left to try to catch a little of the scent.

No candles tonight because of the travel during key hours but tomorrow they’ll be back.
We talked about what food we’d like to be completely submerged in. My Ladywife said, “macaroni and cheese, but I’d like to be tiny.” And Ms. EM explained, “whenever he’s submerged in food, he wants to be tiny.”

He wants to swim through the cheese. He wants to have some privacy inside the noodle.

Who doesn’t?

“Oh the noodles could be giant, that’s the other option.”

I keep emailing myself photographs from my phone then forgetting I’ve done it. Then I see the new message in my inbox and get momentarily excited about it. But it’s just me. It’s no one else.

I want to have some privacy inside the noodle.

On Thanksgiving day my Aunt Me called to tell my mother a story about my youngest cousin. At three she asked my aunt what “coincidence” means and after her initial attempt at a definition failed, my aunt tried an example. “You know when you and your mom were at the super market last week and you ran into me there? That was a coincidence. We didn’t plan to go at the same time but we were both there.”

“Oh,” my cousin replied, “can we have another coincidence sometime?”

Later I told my Ladywife that maybe I’d like to be in a bowl of Cherrios.
“So you could use one as a flotation device?”
But he’s the only one who wants to be tiny.

I fell asleep driving through Back Bay and dreamt you had somehow raced me home, arrived before I had– would be waiting in my apartment. Instead I returned home to a naughty little bunny who had procured and gobbled up half a dozen Ginger Chews. But my home is warmer now and I’m stretching out in a full-size bed without a crease.