I am about to say something but falter. Then later: I am about to say something but must stop myself.

I am about to say something and I realize I’ve forgotten what I was going to say, or that I was just planning and had nothing to say after all.

I already had Chanukah and so am canceling Christmas.

I guess I wrote a Missed Connection to no-one or to myself.. Except I got responses and they were cryptic and exact. How could anyone else have known to say those things to me? Four-letters, Nick and Nora’s dog?

But it didn’t come from anyone and I begin to wonder if all those times I might have actually said all of those things– emailed myself in waking dream and awoke with no memory. I’m responding to my own love letters.

How awful.

I don’t want to complain about the sentences. I’ve already done that so much and I’m sure the rest is self-evident.

I’m sorry. Please stay tuned.