New York: Thank God we were finally going to be adults about it (lie about feelings and not get hurt). Mid-town and a great deal through alumni: a chaise overlooking another chaise in another expensive mid-town apartment garden. Photographs from the following weeks depicted simpler and more robust things on the same chair with different people. Wine, flash cards, little jokes after I was gone.

New Orleans: “1 wants to sleep with you,” 2 told me. There was a hot tub and 2 left for a while.

Honda, Accord (roof): The mountain range visible from my bedroom window as a child rose as two giants, profiles sleeping foot to foot. I hoped others had seen them first and taught their children the stories. Only now there was just blue interrupted by mosquitoes and vultures, so near and far that they were indistinguishable.

Medford: When all the students were home for the summer it was a safe place to be at night. And even after it happened I went back because it’s good to read in some place so campy. Cherry blossoms and romantic emergency campus lighting–Tarantino was subtler.

Austin: Almost two years ago I was in the worst throes of pain and making promises in a blue silk dress. My dainty oral accessory has now supplanted that dress (ruined) as the most expensive piece in my wardrobe.

Cambridge: I pretended we were friends again on the staggered granite pews. I was so busy acting like I liked your dog and didn’t feel hurt that I only noticed the sap when I peeled up my left leg for class.

New York: Alone on the platforms, I remember your rotating maps. I cannot parse the route when you keep re-orienting your hand. I keep staring like we’re watching a full fish tank and then rely on you later and you get us there. We each recognize the houses of friends, and walk by them.