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g: When we make eye contact, we’re both teary– one on the way in and the other on the way out of affect. Although now I cannot remember which one of us was nearly over the emotion and which one had only just arrived. In any case, it’s like finishing the book on the subway and then seeing someone and they see you back. Rent from my body, I am heaved toward you and only want to move closer. We are the only two people in the room who have not yet been introduced.

g: I want to want to move closer.
I still feel myself moving

g: I keep me company best of all.

g: I bite off the reddest part of the berry. I hold it in my cheek, waiting to swallow. I only chew once I feed the white and green to you. Red juice drips down your chin. I’ll forget later and worry that it’s blood. We eat together and then lick our own hands.

g: I don’t mean to be mystical but you keep me company best of all.

g: j (when not), j (with photos, when asked, whenever anyone asks), l (november 30, cinco de mayo), b (I’m sorry).

g: e (I really can’t believe you did that), t (both of you), j (here’s hoping you’ll come around), n (bad news for you)

g: “mom and dad, Mother and Father”


Is planning to leave this home, shortly.